We welcome you to visit our beautiful four-acre (13.000m²) medicinal herb gardens, especially in spring and summer. When you enter the garden gate, especially from April to September, you will find yourself immersed in a peaceful and magical garden, filled with aromatic herbs and medicinal herbs. Over 300 common and unusual medicinal herbs grow in Maravel garden. Intermingled with the herbs are a variety of flowering trees and annual and perennial flowers that feed the pollinators.

Visitors may purchase herbal remedies in our shop after touring the gardens.

Experiencing the beauty of our gardens is in itself an uplifting experience.

Please come visit if you can. Wherever you are, when you open an Maravel bag of tea or bottle of herbal extract, the healing essence of our garden is there for you to receive.

Herbal Garden Tour

The Herbal Garden tour will give you a unique and memorable experience during your stay on Crete Island. The tour starts in the morning when your Guide will familiarize you with a wide range of native plants & herbs. You will be introduced to plants that have been used for centuries by the Cretan people for first aid, emergencies and the treatment of chronic Illnesses.

How therapeutic-grade essential oils are produced at an organic herb farm from start to finish.

At Maravel, there are three critical steps to distillation. The first is in the cooking process - the plant material must be compressed just right, so that when the steam goes through, it can maintain proper pressure and proper flow. There are even special preparing controls in the cooking chambers to reduce the risk of the essential oil being "refluxed" or burned during distillation. Condensing is the next process. The condensing system is very critical. It must be balanced in such a way that it produces the maximum amount of oil with minimal waste. The third step is the separation process. With three phases of separation, a higher percentage of molecules are recovered, giving Maravel oils the highest quality and the highest standard in the world today. That's why they are often referred to as gourmet oils.

Visit our herbal Garden that has more than 300 species of herbs and they are categorized accordingly such as:

  • Aromatic herbs
  • Medicinal herbs
  • Aromatic cum medical herbs

A visitor's touch releases the rich scents of lavender, lemon basil and other aromatic herbs.

We are always looking for additional dedicated volunteers: adults of all ages and backgrounds who love gardening and who love sharing their gardening knowledge with the public through tours and demonstrations.

When you step into Maravel Garden, you will enter an oasis of herbs. Maravel garden tours offer the perfect way to spend peaceful moments. A trip to the garden makes a wonderful gift for nature-loving friends and family and a one of a kind experience for you while you're visiting the Island of Crete.


How Long : About 1 to 2 hours, with stops along the way to rest, to enjoy the scenery & to take photographs.

What to bring : Comfortable foot wear with non-slip soles that can get wet and muddy are advisable, as well as a hat, sun-block, and a camera with lots of film/space.

When : Every day of the week.

Cost : Free of charge. Visitors will be treated to herbal tea and refreshing herbal drinks.


Maravel Garden

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