For those who want something extra, we offer unique opportunities in Maravel Garden. Take part in one of our seminars, and deepen your knowledge of herbs, aromatherapy, essential oils, soap, and cooking! We offer a range of courses and day sessions, suitable for every taste. With over 300 unique species of herbs and spices, we offer opportunities for learning and acquiring skills that will be useful for you throughout your life.

Walk around and see how the spices, herbs and fruits grow and are cultivated. Pick flowers and herbs by hand, learn their uses, learn how to process them, distil them, and produce a wide range of goods. Learn all about spices, smell them, taste them and acquire detailed descriptions about their uses in cooking and seasoning traditional dishes, or how they have been used as cures for ailments and illnesses.

We can also take you to an essential oil distillery where you can watch the essential oil distillation and take part in the process.

Enjoy a Cretan meal after your seminar (sometimes you get involved in preparing and cooking it!), along with a glass of local wine and the warm Cretan hospitality.

See our PDF seminar files:

  • Perfume Rose Harvest Tours
  • The Spice and Herbal Tour
  • The Wild Edible Plant Seminar


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